By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

For years now, fashion and fragrance – especially fragrance – have tried to own moods. Clinique even went so far as to name a fragrance “Happy.” With the introduction of its latest partnership with Rodarte, footwear brand Superga has enlisted director Ryan Reichenfeld and actress Gia Coppola to capture the quintessential youthful mood, musing.

In the piece, Coppola meanders around while casually kicking tennis balls and deciding to go lawn chairing while listening to a handheld radio. Reichenfeld, whose previous works include music videos for Justin Timberlake and RAC, has taken character study to a whole new level here with a piece that focuses on just one mood of a character. Character study typically gives background, allowing the audience the opportunity to get to know the character so they can understand the character’s motivation and/or reaction to events to come. In this piece, there are no events, no dialogue, no story, just a simple study of the musing of a youth who appears contemplative, content and just happens to have a pair of shoes with her.

As much as we appreciate the camera work and quality strolling, we felt this piece lacked the other end of character study, the event. Ms. Coppola was a musing muse, but without an event, she wasn’t an amusing muse.

Creative Direction | Framework
Director | Ryan Reichenfeld
Director of Photography | Ryan Carmody
Photographer | Colin Dodgson
Model | Gia Coppla
Stylist | Sara Moonves
Hair | Cervando Maldonado
Makeup | Georgie Eisdell

Producer | Tyler Stubbs
Executive Producers | Lane Kim, Jett Steiger
Original Score | Randy Randall
Colorist | Brandon Chavez
Steadicam Operator | Ari Robbins
1st Assistant Camera | Cameron Riddles
2nd Assistant Camera | Shawn Aguilar
Sound Mixer | Amanda Beggs
Production Assistant | Maya Emelle
Location | Los Angeles, CA