Sabina Motasem – Siren Fall 2018 Bridal Fashion Film


Sabina Motasem’s first fashion film showcases her latest Fall 2018 bridal collection, while bringing a sense of reality to the big day. The film celebrates the modern-day woman, as she gets ready for her wedding, taking place in a court house. Not the traditional fairy-tale often pictured when thinking about a wedding, but this woman warrior doesn’t have the time or need to spend a year mapping out her wedding, she has a world to conquer!

We spoke with Sabina about the new film and the inspiration behind this new collection.

What was your concept behind the film?
The video follows a modern-day muse, a Siren, who goes from one persona to another, as she prepares for her wedding. Each mood is epitomized by a different look to tell the story. It’s about women, who have a multifaceted minds and how style can emphasize that natural eclecticism when it comes to femininity.

What was your inspiration behind this video?
Celebrating inspiring women is at the heart of our design process from our well-loved designs such as the Josephine (inspired by Josephine Baker) or the Loie dress (inspired by Loie Fuller). For 2018, we wanted to do something more close to home. The dresses are inspired by modern-day icons, women we know and love, including a dress inspired by Sabina’s own disco loving mother – the Helena dress. When we looked at the collection we saw a natural evolution between each style, each dress showed its own personality and we drew on those themes from the collection into a stylish fashion film. We wanted to do something real – a far cry from the typical fairy-tale wedding image women are often sold to.

In one word, how would you describe this film?

What is one thing you wanted to achieve when creating this film?
A different option for women getting married. Something a lot more relatable whilst still being coquettish yet demure.



Production | Fresh Cut Creatives
Hair | Kasia Fortuna
Makeup | Kristina Gasperas
Bridal Accessories | Kelly Spence Bridal Accessories
Shoes | Freya Rose
Lingerie | Coco De Mer