Saint Laurent Couture Makes a Comeback with New Ad Campaign

By Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

As of Tuesday, Saint Laurent has confirmed that couture will indeed be making a comeback for the French fashion house. The brand has not participated in couture since 2002, making a 7 year comeback under the hands of Hedi Slimane, the latest Saint Laurent Creative Director. It has been said that the project has been underway since the appointment of Slimane three years ago.

The campaign images highlight the fashion house’s latest location, a recently renovated couture house originally built in 1685 and located at 24 Rue de l’Université in Paris’s Left Bank. There will additionally be two couture ateliers, one for tailoring and one for dress making.

With that being said, Slimane has confirmed that there are no plans whatsoever to show at couture week in Paris this upcoming year. According to the press release, Saint Laurent will produce uniquely hand-made pieces for celebrities and musicians. Slimane will be in charge of which pieces receive the hand sewn “Yves Saint Laurent” couture label, which private clients may make orders case by case, all of which will be recorded and kept strictly in a gold monogrammed book. In other words, this couture collection is going to be a hell of a lot more selective than any other normal couture line prior.

View the elegant, black and white campaign images below:

saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image1 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image2 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image3 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image4 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image5 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image6 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image7 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image8 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image9 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image10 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image11 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image12 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image13 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image14 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image15 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image16 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image17 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image18 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image19 saint-laurent-couture-campaign-image20

Photographer | Hedi Slimane
Creative Director | Hedi Slimane