Success breeds success as Saint Laurent opens their largest flagship yet

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

There is an attractiveness that comes from the self assurance to stick to one’s vision despite the buzzing of critics chanting for change. Saint Laurent’s Creative Director Hedi Slimane is the poster child of such determination, as demonstrated by the house’s latest designed touchpoint, their newest flagship store in Omotesando Strip, Tokyo.

The opening of our largest flagship in Japan marks an important step in the development strategy of the brand, both globally and in a market that has been very receptive to Hedi Slimane’s reform project for Saint Laurent since its start in 2012.

– Francesca Bellettini, CEO Saint Laurent

Receptive indeed, as for the third quarter of 2015, the Kering-owned label posted a sales increase of 37 percent, with their own stores up 32 percent. This resulted in the house’s strongest quarter to date for retail.

And that house has built a new house, with three-floors reflecting Slimane’s minimalist vision. White marble flooring is juxtaposed with golden accents and vintage 70’s dark furniture from artists Gerrit Rietveld and Jay Spectre.

With the house performing so well, it leaves the crew here at The Impression hopeful that the same consistency touching the consumer in Saint Laurent will be given the opportunity to reach across the divide to the fragrance and beauty licenses. Which, in our humble opinion, could use a makeover themselves. As consistency is, after all, more than skin deep.
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