Helsinki based Samuji’s sexy, youthful Spring 2016 video

By Taylor Recchia | Impressionist

The magic behind youthfulness is to have fun and that is just what Helsinki-based brand Samuji encompasses in their Spring Summer 2016 video campaign properly entitled, The Magic Hours.

The film opens with a single piano note and a shot panning up of a couple kissing. A girl starts dancing as the song, BBGRYW by Cityman, which picks up its pace and the viewer is drawn in into a casual night of partying, running around, dancing, skinny dipping and sex. You know, an average youthful weekend in Helsinki.

Directed by Samu-Jussi Koski and Joel Hypén, the film is a case of lifestyle over product and we were sold. You can feel the carefree magic in the late hours of the night where the only thing on your mind is to live in that moment of pure and utter happiness.

Through its cinematography, whimsical storyline and soundtrack the Finland based design house has done an amazing job of expanded their reach and taking us on an adventure into The Magic Hours in a tasteful and exciting way. The Impression applauds this piece for exicuting an aesthetically beautiful portrayal of this lifestyle which is very playful, very fun, very youthful and VERY sexy. Has the Helsinki office of tourism seen this!? As the city and the raw naked magic of fashion has us looking to disappear for a weekend.

Directors | Samu-Jussi Koski & Joel Hypén
Director of Photography | Joel Hypén
Editor | Nina Ijas
Talent | Pia Andersson, Wilhelm Enckell, Aleksi Holkko, Misa Lommi, Amanda Palo
Hair & Makeup | Emma Jokelainen
Music | “BBGRYW” by Cityman