Calvin Klein Continues to Push the Buttons with their Latest Sexting Inspired Ad Campaign

By Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

Calvin Klein Jeans has always had a narrative element to their marketing, from Brooke Shield’s iconic dialogue to Marky Mark talking briefs to Justin Bieber banging his drums. However, that narrative has always been projected via the medium of TV complete with the benefits of sound. For Calvin Klein Jeans’ latest campaign done in creative partnership with digital agency Mother, the house has broken the narrative barrier and created a fashion marketing first – putting dialogue to print. And hot, sexty, dialogue at that.

Within the Fall 2015 ad campaign, each image features a couple (or threesome) in an intimate and lustful embrace, along with a narrative to match the scene. The texting narratives all insinuate some sort of naughty behavior, whether it is sneaking off with someone of the same sex while in an open relationship with the opposite, or just a mere ménage à trois. The result is a campaign that sparks the reader’s imagination with incomplete plot lines that both linger and seduce.

Calvin Klein is known for their sensual print tendencies, from Kendall Jenner side boob to a fully topless Kate Moss. The brand loves flaunting the human body in the sexiest way possible, black and white and barely there, and this Fall 2015 ad campaign is no different.

Calvin Klein Jeans has a long history of combining sexual energy with cultural relevance. Through this campaign, we’re creating an emotional connection with today’s technology driven generation, highlighting the new normal channel for modern meet-ups.

Melisa Goldie – Chief Marketing Officer of Calvin Klein, Inc.

Calvin Klein Jeans has expanded the bounds of print storytelling to quite literally get inside the head of the reader – the ultimate marketing real estate. The brand keeps the element of sultry sex alive by giving us both a cast of characters and a narrative to follow, with apparent true-to-life texting screenshots – and consequentially, the rest of the story is left to us.

Though a bit out of the box, this Calvin Klein Jeans ad campaign is surely groundbreaking for mixing risk with risque.



Calvin Klein Jeans fall 2015 ad campaign photo Calvin Klein Jeans fall 2015 ad campaign photo Calvin Klein Jeans fall 2015 ad campaign photo Calvin Klein Jeans fall 2015 ad campaign photo Calvin Klein Jeans fall 2015 ad campaign photo

Agency | CRK (Calvin Klein, Inc.’s in-house ad agency) & Mother New York
Photographer | Mario Sorrenti
Models | Grace Hartzel, Ethan James Green, Aya Jones, Julia Van Os, Piero Mendez, Alessio P., Imaan Hammam, Harmony Boucher, Torin Verdone, Laura Julie, Noma Han, Jaime Carpena, Tiana Tolstoi, Reid Rohling , Will Peltz & Kenya Kinski Jones