Miu Miu x Mytheresa Dive in with New Video by Danny Sangra


Exclusivity and fresh takes are always key in this industry and in this spirit Miu Miu has partnered with Mytheresa.com to create an exciting new capsule collection for Spring 2017. The bright and colorful collection features ready-to-wear, handbags, and footwear and is now available for purchase exclusively on Mytheresa.com.

To coincide with the release of the capsule collection the pair has collaborated with director and visual artist Danny Sangra on a quirky little film simply called “Shark.” The video stars models Nike Praesto and Elsa Brisinger as a pair of friends occupying an indoor pool with very different attitudes towards swimming. Praesto’s purple and blue-clad character has wanted to be a synchronized swimmer for as long as she can remember (but has never had anyone to swim with) while Brisinger’s red and pink wearing character has a mortal fear of swimming after her former boyfriend was eaten by a shark.

Following this rather dramatic exchange of life stories and a reassurance from Praesto’s character that there are no sharks in an indoor pool, Brisinger’s fearful character flatly states that she will stand outside the pool and watch for sharks. However Brisinger quickly comes up with an odd idea as she goes into a diving pose and asks Praesto to join her on the side of the pool. The lighting switches to a spotlight on the duo as they don a pair of patterned dresses and begin an on-land “synchronized swimming” routine to the beat of a sliding surf rock track. All goes well in the routine until Brisinger’s character abruptly panics and yells “Shark!” However her paranoid fright is misguided as the “shark” was only a fluffy Miu Miu sandal gently floating along in the pool.

The waters of this film are teeming with bits of off-color awkward humor along with directorial and writing flourishes that call to mind the films of Wes Anderson. This highly stylized approach to directing and writing is a breath of fresh air for fashion films and provides the audience with pools full of entertainment while we gaze at the eye-catching bright colors and embellishments of this capsule collection.



Writer & Director | Danny Sangra
Models | Nike Praesto & Elsa Brisinger
Production C/O | B-Reel Films
Producer | Tabetha Glass-Jackman
Creative Director | Sarianne Plaisant
Production Manager | Claire Adcock
Director of Photography | Marcus Autelli
Stylist | Isabel Arnhold
Colourist | Jack McGinity at Time Based Arts
Sound Engineer | Patch Rowland at Final Cut London