Fashion Culture Design Conference to launch this June by SIMON COLLINS.


Fast Company Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business. And now, Simon Collins is launching the first ever FASHION CULTURE DESIGN Conference, and is bringing it right back to where he was dean for 7 years of his life – Parsons School of Design. On June 9th, his one-day, New York City-held conference will consist of passionate conversations among the many creative, inspired personalities in the industry today. Topics of discussion – all relating to fashion, culture, and design – will entail a variety of topics including fashion, beauty, retail, media, architecture, food, and more.

People discuss these issues in private but often don’t say what they really think publicly. I want those conversations—wild ideas, passionate pleas and beautiful solutions. I want attendees to be inspired by these talks and to walk away with real answers.

– Simon Collins

Shying away from your typical product pitches and PR speeches, Collins aim to point your attention towards the power of having fresh debates and intellectual conversations, wanting this to be a conference like no other.

“We’ll address pressing questions of the day like, how do you fix a problem like fashion week? Right now Paris and Milan don’t agree with London and New York. Let’s talk about who’s right. Or what does beauty look like now that it isn’t necessarily 32 skinny white girls on a runway? Now that it includes any race, size, gender, body type and ability. Let’s talk about that and what it means both for fashion and the world at large,” says Collins.

One of the many departures from conventional conferences is that the following words and phrases will not be welcome: Disruption. Iconic. Pivot. Influencers. Game Changer. Lean In. Bottom Line. Blue Sky. Big Data. Crowdsource. A penalty box will be onstage. If all you’ve got is clichés, then I’m not sure you have anything to say.

The FASHION CULTURE DESIGN Conference’s onlookers will consist of 500 of the industry’s creatives and CEOs specializing in academia, advertising, automotive, beauty, communication, fashion, hospitality, journalism, media, music, product, production and trend.


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