By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

In 1997 a Texan model agency had a big idea, a model search. Of course being in Texas they discovered a big thing in a 15 year old named Erin Wasson. In 2011, that same agency had another big idea, to do a film festival using models and thus the Kim Dawson Model Search Video Festival was formed. Big name. This year the crew had another big idea, to form teams lead by creative directors rather than film directors to create the 6 shorts for the festival.  The result proved big as films made their way online from Paris Texas to Paris with director Larry Oliver’s “Snooze”  leading the pack with his stop-motion piece. As the viewer can see, model John Vanbeber can attest to the fact that ‘everything is bigger in Texas.’

Director | Larry Oliver
Models | John Vanbeber & Laurie Bing / Kim Dawson Agency
Director of Photography | Molly Dickson / Sisterbrother Mgmt.
Mens Styling / Art Direction | Troy Steakley
Stylist | Tess Wilcox / Seaminx
Hair & Make-up | Ro Vielma / Kim Dawson
Song | “F For You” by Disclosure

Special thanks | Kalan Briggs, Beau Bollinger, Elliott Snedden, Clay Hayner, Xu Family
Clothes provided by | Forty Five Ten, Tootsies, Haggar