Our Look at the Five Key Trends of Spring 2016 | Today’s Trend – The Leisurist

By Jonathan Huynh | Impressionist

Designers tapped into a more relaxed vibe this season focusing on luxurious leisure, aka “The Leisurist.”

Oversized silhouettes and PJ inspired looks were married with the relaxed slip-dress from the boudoir to emphasize comfort and enjoyment. The designs were voluminous and fluid with touches of menswear inspired tailoring; widen legs and lightweight fabrics in the aspect of loungewear.

While the look popped-up periodically in Europe it was really the New York based designers that championed the trend. Leading the pack was Alexander Wang’s with his genius synthesis of satin and silk, the epitome of luxurious comfort; while Public School’s, Dao Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne emphasized the laidback look through encompassing a drawstring-cord feature similar to a pair of pajama pants. Derek Lam featured extended bell sleeves and legs with an embellished side of drawstring fringes that reflects the luxury of being in your own home.

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright at Rag & Bone and Christopher and Nicholas K at Nicholas K also encompassed the trends presenting a modern yet sophisticated style with various fabric combinations.

The Leisurist look keeps the over the top luxury but its only focus is on comfort and pleasure. The fusion of silky fabrics to drawstring embellishments in graceful expansions truly speaks the feeling of sophistication and tranquility. Here is The Impression’s Second Trend of Spring 2016 season- The Leisurist.