STELLA MCCARTNEY vegges out with artist ED RUSCHA for her Fall 2016 Campaign


Stella McCartney put her ethics out front in an artistic fashion this season via a partnership with international fine artist Ed Ruscha.

Known for her ethics, sustainable attitudes, vegetarianism, and green processes, Stella McCartney does not use any leather, feathers, or fur, in any of their products, instead opting for ethical non-PVC leather alternatives. To bring this point home, the firm used typography, done by famous American artist, Ed Ruscha, to spell out the brand’s well-known philosophies with phrases such as “No leathers, feathers, or fur” and “Meat Free”.

The campaign, shot in London by photographer of the moment, Harley Weir, features model Amber Valletta, an environmentalist, posing in a series of effortlessly sensual poses in the background while stunning fashion typography is sprawled boldly across the images. Weir has been championing a number of brand based youth oriented campaigns as of late, most noticeably Calvin Klein.

It’s wonderful to see a campaign blend the trifecta of imagery, brand philosophy, and aesthetics together so seamlessly while having a spot of wit as well. By enlisting Ruscha, who is known for his Pop Art inspired pieces that incorporates words and phrases, McCartney makes use of the best of both the art and the fashion world. Had she simply leveraged a graphic designer, the work would have still had impact but not the benefit of additional media exposure. While there are plenty of fashion designers who have their own philosophies that are aligned with their audiences be it moral, political, or theological, fashion rarely ‘takes a stance’ to communicate it in an advertisement. Kenneth Cole and company is one exception of course, but it is nice to see a designer of McCartney’s stature make such a commitment.

The campaign is visually stunning with high contrast and saturation dripping with color. And while many may not be able to fully commit to ‘Veg Out’ at dinner, McCartney certainly empowers them to dine in environmentally friendly attire while doing so.

Photographer | Harley Weir
Model | Amber Valletta
Typographer Artist | Ed Ruscha
Stylist | Jane How
Hair | Syd Hayes
Makeup | Lauren Parsons
Set Design | Emma Roach