Stella McCartney’s New Video Breaks the Fourth Wall of Fashion Film


Stella McCartney’s playful new fashion film stars models Mckenna Hellam and Celine Bouly as they recite lines from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, Porcelain and Pink, a one act play about two sisters living in the same house when a seemingly mysterious visitor comes by. Such is the setting of this campaign shoot, but with a lighthearted twist as the models can’t seem to keep a straight face.

The film showcases the Stella McCartney Fall 2017 collection, which is full of masculine cuts brought to life with feminine accents. A master of bright, eye-catching colors and patterns, McCartney’s latest collection is full of both and uses soft tones in the background setting to contrast with the pieces.

This video is effective in snagging and maintaining audience attention since the models are speaking to each other and into the camera, something we don’t see often in fashion films. Typically models will not have lines- much less lines from an F. Scott Fitzgerald play- and partake in some movement or adventure while a soundtrack invades the senses. The music in the background is not overpowering and plays lightly enough to set a warm, whimsical tone to this film.  In this Stella McCartney film, having the models break the fourth wall and mess up their lines gives them another layer and demands viewers’ undivided attention.



Photographer | Charlie Engman
Models | Celine Bouly, Mckenna Hellam
Hair | Teiji Utsumi
Makeup | Lucy Burt