It would appear that print is out of style as is ceasing production of its quarterly magazine. debuted in spring of 2012 and was considered a groundbreaking publication strategy because it bucked the traditional publication model by creating a site first and then launching as a publication. recently fell under a new leadership structure of Vogue when Condé Nast sold Fairchild in August. Dirk Standen, the editor-in-chief of, was recently made to report to Vogue EIC Anna Wintour, and publisher Matt Rice, who once reported to Condé Nast president Bob Sauerberg, is now reporting to Vogue publisher Susan Plagemann. Additional reports have confirmed that and employees are set to share a floor in Condé Nast’s new headquarters at One World Trade Center. revamped their website in September shortly after the sale and it was not clear how Wintour’s influence might affect A rep from Condé Nast explained, “Since relaunch in early September, the site continues to exceed growth expectations. To continue that momentum, we’ve made the decision to focus 100% of our efforts on our core digital business.”

That focus comes at a time when the publication world is refining itself as print advertising pages are reportedly down across categories with many publications looking to build up their digital presence to offset losses. It would appear that in the newly focused world of Condé Nast, the focus of is spelled out in its name.