The Impression’s Look at the Parsons School of Design 2015 Design Winners

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Fashion is the most innovative of fields and one that not only welcomes fresh perspectives, but relies on it. To gain insight from the industry’s next generation of designers, The Impression checked in with this year’s award winners from Parsons School of Design to see what was on their minds. For the second in this week’s series, we spoke with Sungho Kim, who along with designer Jon Max Goh, was awarded Parsons Menswear Designer of the Year.Sungho Kim designer Parsons portrait What inspired you to go into fashion?
I used to do fine art when I was in high school, but I realized that I wanted to create art that was more accessible to people so that everyone can understand and experience it. I thought fashion was the perfect combination of my love for clothes and art.

What three fashion houses do you admire?
Burberry Prorsum
Duckie Brown

What inspired your senior collection?
My thesis collection is about the memory of my grandmother when she was suffering from dementia. Since both of my parents worked, I got to spend most of my free time taking care of my grandmother. We did many things together. We always talked to each other, ate, and played card games together. Among all of the activities, there was one thing that inspired me to do my collection. It was dressing her. Whenever we went out, I had to pay extra attention to her clothes because she couldn’t really tell if she felt cold or not due to her unstable mental state. She just kept saying that she still felt cold, especially in the winter, but sometimes even in the summer, too. So, I dressed her in a lot of layers with her own clothes first, then I put my clothes like sweatshirts or bomber jackets, which are very modern and oversized, on top of that in order for her to conceive she was wearing enough to go out. This activity of dressing my grandmother in a lot of layers is the key inspiration for my collection.

What mark do you hope to leave in the industry?
I sometimes think today’s fashion is a little too much about the aesthetics without thinking about the wearability. Even though I admire those who create beautiful artistic clothes, I believe the fundamental element of fashion design is to create clothes that people would actually want to wear. Through my collection, I hope to show the fashion industry that good design does not always have to be so avant-garde.