By Jeffrey Kim & Jenille Jade McIntosh  | Impressionists

At The Impression, we love runway shows but we dare not forget the head-turning moments street style brings to every fashion week. The streets are where we see photographers, creative directors, stylists, models, editors, buyers and the rest of the fashion flock express their influential and stylish character.

Our photographers canvas the shows, presentations and exhibits to bring you the best street style fashion has to offer from all the men’s fashion weeks which took place in London, Paris, and Milan. From topcoats to parkas, from fedoras to kicks, and from shearling to sweaters our team was there to capture every fashion moment.  While plenty of style graced the asphaut runway this season, our favorites involved more dressed up look with a touch of panache.

Here are The Impression’s Best Street Style Moments from the Men’s Fall Fashion Weeks for the Fall 2015 shows.