Creative Agency Yard & The Limited launch Leadership campaign featuring 60 women.

By Rachel Smith | Impressionist

The Limited took a leadership position, literally, with their recently launched campaign about leadership, asking female executives to share what they think leading means. The campaign developed by Yard focuses not only on what being a leader looks like, but what the leader herself looks like and is a nice evolution for the U.S. based retailer.

In a year when female leadership is on everybody’s lips, it just made sense to dig into The Limited’s history of dressing women for work for over 50 years, to create a campaign that uses real women to showcase the diverse faces of leadership today. From a creative standpoint, myself and Richard Austin worked with the team along with photographer Paola Kudacki  to create the portraits. We were extremely excited about having the opportunity to shoot such a range of women, who do everything from run tech companies to create documentary films and work as educators.

Stephen Niedzwiecki – Founder and Chief Creative Officer of YARD

The campaign includes videos that dig deeper into the definition of leadership, having each woman give her opinion on what they think leading is. Karen P. classifies leadership as being “Badass. Fearlessness. Not giving a damn about anything. Confidence. By the way I carry myself, I don’t give people that opportunity to judge me.” The leadership styles of these women vary, but each puts a high importance on what they wear to convey their leadership style.

On The Limited website, there is a New Looks of Leadership page where you can get a closer look at all the leaders and read about their personal leadership style and clothing style.

A lot of the focus is put on what they wear and how they present themselves. The clothing style of each leader is drastically different, but they all have a common theme, confidence. Elisa I., an Executive Director and Educator comments, “It’s important to feel confident, so I feel it’s important to look good in what you’re wearing.” Fredgy N., a Writer, Director, and Editor who works mostly in a male dominated industry says, “By wearing a skirt on set in front of a crew of men it says ‘I’m a woman and now let’s get past that and let’s make something beautiful together’. That’s empowering in itself in that I’m putting my womanhood at the forefront.”

The age old saying Dress for Success seems to have merit, and a very heavy hand in how female leaders are choosing to portray themselves. The Impression wishes each of these leaders much continued success and appreciates how The Limited has addressed their market.





Agency | Yard
Chief Creative Officer | Stephen Niedzwiecki
Chief Strategy Officer | Ruth Bernstein
Photographer | Paola Kudacki
Casting | JSM Casting