Victoria’s Secret Shares their Secrets with Mini Series


As a build up to the forthcoming event, Ed Razek and the team have given us a behind the scenes look at the world’s biggest fashion show. What better way to prepare for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, than an insight of what goes on prior to the magnificent show.

Giving us insight into all the hard work and dedication that occurs all year long is a realization of how this is no small feature, but an extremely major one. Between sketching and bringing the costumes to life, to creating a cast by watching five hundred girls walk up and down a “runway, no part of this process is easy. The pressure on both the Angels and the team is indescribable, but they are shown doing all of this work with smiles from ear to ear.

While watching the extravaganza unfold in this mini series, we see how the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is truly the destination where fashion meets entertainment, and we love every second of it.









Production | Madoff Productions