Nike Russia find their inner Bansky for an Insta Guerilla Campaign

By Jillian Siegmund and Taylor Recchia| Impressionist

In the era of ‘insta’ everything at the press of a button, Nike Russia has pulled from Instagram to create instant guerrilla marketing wallscapes.

The fast and furious campaign grabs various Instagram workout selfies of locals, blows them up to life size cut-outs and posts them Bansky style as wallscapes. Along with the image Nike tosses on their logo and the selfie’s original caption. Nike Russia then takes it back to social by creating another Instagram post and tagging the original person.

And how do these new spokespeople react? By finding their wallscape to snap a selfie with it, of course. And post yet again, on Instagram with captions like “Still can’t believe it” -@dimitrishinaaa. Talk about 360.

Could this campaign fly in the US with our abundance of lawyers? Unlikely, but that doesn’t stop The Impression from loving it. Anything that keeps brand lawyers busy is ALWAYS great marketing.

Everyone talks about how social media is the new wave of marketing nowadays; Nike Russia took it a step further. They stuck it on the wall and now it’s stuck in our head.