Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen Move The Row Fashion to Paris

By Jillian Siegmund | Impressionist

The Row has joined fashion’s musical chairs this season, relocating their show from a traditional New York setting to Paris. The move follows on the heels of a series of designer city show changes, including Givenchy’s relocation to New York.

While details of the date and location have yet to be announced, this isn’t the first time the Olsens have taken the show to Paris. Remember the 2011 spring season, where designers that canceled their NY show due to sample delays appeared shortly thereafter on the Paris schedule.

From childhood stars to legitimate designers, the Olson sisters have built their business into a roughly $50 million empire, according to industry insiders. This season the duo have brought their secondary label, Elizabeth and James, which was licensed to Los Angeles-based Jaya Apparel Group, in-house for the first time since the label was launched.

Before anyone worries if the twins are abandoning their New York roots, have no fear and simply look to their recent participation in the Barneys Made in New York collection, which recently launched. A passport is simply a right to temporarily visit, after all.