The Making of the Unique Christian Dior Haute Couture Presentation Space

By Jenille McIntosh | Impressionist

Come behind the scenes and take a look at Christian Dior Haute Couture presentation space because this was more than extraordinary. Following fresh off their recent Dior Homme garden show, the firm once again stayed with a spring theme, adding elements of beautiful stained glass atriums in their display.

Located in Paris’s Musée Rodin, guests were able to enjoy a sunny indoor-outdoor experience through Raf Simons’ presentation. With the airy space and natural light that flowed through the installations, Dior set a tone of wonder composed of many beautiful and colorful motifs.

This glass structure added an abstract element of surprise and wonder to the show. What impressed us is the similarity of the motifs to the prints in the collection.

This shows us the “true nature of fashion”.