Our Look into the Production Set-Up of Fashion’s Biggest Shows

By Gabriella Andreozzi | Impressionist

Raf Simons, the Creative Director of Christian Dior, brilliantly created an urban jungle in the heart of Louvre’s Cour Carree for the showing of his Dior ready-to-wear collection for fall 2015. While presenting “realistic futurism” in such an ancient establishment, Simon instigates an exploration of the past combined with ideas of a near future.

The natural world was a major source of inspiration for Simon initially but, more importantly, he wanted to portray a sense of undefined modernization and reality through his show.

I was interested in the process of finding something extremely modern through something very historical, particularly through a juxtaposition of different themes.

Raf Simons

That juxtaposition led Simons to the Louvre, where the house constructed an urban, cube-like building against the contrast of the surroundings. The brilliant modern structure provided somewhat of a glittery reflection against the majestic stone facades and the courtyard of the Louvre, which was definitely seen in a new light.

Simons found fascination in how the foundations of one era are based on another and how the future is so dependent on the past. “The challenge was to bring the attitude of contemporary reality to something very historical; bringing easiness to something that could be perceived as theatrical. It is ‘the attitude that matters’,” he explained, and it is a very modern attitude indeed.

Check out the time lapse building out of the set below.



Dior louvee.001 Dior louvee.002