By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

As a whole there are over 6,852 brands that develop print advertising campaigns between Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We know because The Impression tracks the creative and media of fashion advertisers around the globe. Along the way we watch each campaign unfold, often starting with the media tease of a single image and eventually within months blossoming into a full fledge campaign. And every once in awhile as we speed along through all those magazine pages, online ads, and TV spots something will jump out and make us stop … give pause … reflect … admire … make an imprint … and impress.

We didn’t just stumble upon our name. We were inspired by those that rose to the top to stand out and wanted to champion and celebrate their achievements. There are those that know how to create a visual and visceral connection and with that we wish to applaud the creators and all involved in the making of The Impression’s Top 10 Fashion Ads of 2014.

top 10 ads of 2014.001
top 10 ads of 2014.003
top 10 ads of 2014.004
top 10 ads of 2014.005
top 10 ads of 2014.006
top 10 ads of 2014.007
top 10 ads of 2014.009

top 10 ads of 2014.010

* Earlier today The Impression mistakenly credited the Chloe & Belstaff work to the wrong creative director & agency and wishes to apologize to both parties involved.