It is unlike any other commercial art form in the world. Film and art may have festivals, novels may have fairs, but fashion owns weeks. No other creative medium unveils their new offerings adjacent to each other all within a singular month twice a year. The Impression salutes all the brave designers who constantly work to create the ultimate showcase moments for their houses. Striving to ultimately top themselves season after season. In a year of numerous stunning collections, a few stood out for their design acumen and influence. Here are THE IMPRESSION’S TOP 10 WOMEN’S DESIGNER COLLECTIONS OF 2015.

BY KENNETH RICHARD | The Impressionist

10 Prada Fall 2015

9 Louis Vuitton Spring 2016

8 Alexander McQueen Fall 2015

7 Michael Kors Fall 2015

6 Marc Jacobs Spring 2016

5 Valentino Spring 2016

4 Chanel Spring 2016

3 Marc Jacobs Fall 2015

2 Lanvin Fall 2015

1 Gucci Spring 2016