Our Look at the Top 5 Beauty Trends from the Spring 2016 Fashion Shows

By Jonathan Huynh | Impressionist

Fresh Punk

Focuses on the 90’s era of a rebellious and rock n’ roll feel. The fresh punk artsy emphasizes a clumpy eye with an smoky colored eye that is presented with unsettling confidence. She’s the girl that’s too busy partying to care about a fresh face.

Modern Day Chic

Exhibits a flushed cheek with a soft-touch of pink that resonates well in an elegant sloppy bun or an elongated slick-back ponytail that is ready to take on the day with poise.  The confident woman who knows how to handle business but isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Mystic Godess

The magical journey was seen through the heavily sparkled and glittered eyes with a soft glowing contour.  The looks featured vintage inspired barrettes that speaks to the enchanted one. The captivating eyes will leave the woods in awe. 



The refreshed dusty look featured windblown hair with a natural contour that was highlighted in a matte pink lip. The windblown hair bronzed her innocence. 

West Coast Voyage

The natural warm look entailed a beachy feel with a bronzed peachy contour and wet slick back hair that highlights the California dream. The west coast look also featured bucket hats and a side braided bang. The peachy eyes will never leave the West Coast sun.