TODD SNYDER launches his first branded campaign with a little help from TREY LAIRD of  Laird + Partners


There is something wonderful about celebrating the success of others upon a launch. Especially when that someone has been toiling away for years to master one’s craft and diligently taken the right steps to create what many deem is an overnight success.

Todd Snyder has paid his dues, working tirelessly at houses such as Ralph Lauren and J.Crew to later launch his own collection and eventually a runway show in September of 2014. Three short years later the designer has taken another set of fresh steps launching his first seasonal ad campaign entitled NY MEN with help of Creative Director Trey Laird of Laird + Partners.

The campaign, eloquently lensed by Matthew Brookes and styled by George McCracken, focuses on the four different men and their relationship with the city. Models Miles McMillen, RJ Rogenski, Akin Akman, and Adonis Bosso project Snyder’s urban masculinity, each in their own unique fashion, while being fashionable.

Matthews style of cinematic black & white storytelling was the perfect way to capture each of these different guys character in the context of their NY of today.  From the creative cool of an urban artist to the modern energy of the urban athlete… They each express a unique take on modern masculinity that felt right for what Todd wanted to express.

– Trey Laird, Creative Director Laird+Partners

That expression is well timed as it is leading up to Synder’s New York City flagship launch later this fall as well as a recently revamped look to his “content hub” on

Laird and Partners was wise to give the campaign and subsequent film a distinctive, boldly blocked layout which juxtaposes character close-ups with full shots on the streets of NY. The campaign stands out in the crowd, and not just the crowded streets of NYC but also the competitive image landscape. The litmus test of taking a logo off a campaign and naming it isn’t too far away from Todd Synder with just a little bit of media muscle. The film has the right blend of a music choice and editing, treating the characters as confident lone wolves navigating the urban landscape.

Which is fitting of Todd Snyder himself. Strolling at a moderately fast pace, focused, and knowing where he is going. Happy hunting Todd and looking forward to your next steps.





Agency | Laird + Partners
Creative Director | Trey Laird
Photographer | Matthew Brookes
Cinematographer | Anton Esteban
Models | Miles McMillen, RJ Rogenski, Akin Akman, Adonis Bosso
Stylist | George McCracken