The Todd Snyder Spring 2017 campaign is an ode to the daily grind in New York City and luck and skill needed to make it in the city


Darts is a game of precision, balance, and experience, and it takes just as much luck as it does skill despite how many miles your throwing arm accumulated over the years. It’s fitting that darts is a regular game in New York City bars, considering that the same things you need to win a game of darts are needed to make it in New York City (especially the luck).

Todd Snyder knows all there is to know about “making it” in New York City. The designer worked for Ralph Lauren and J. Crew before launching his namesake label that embodies his midwestern sensibilities and the New York City spirit. The journey is never as easy as it looks or sounds, much like how darts is not an easy game to win. Darts also happens to be the central focus of the Todd Snyder spring campaign.

Shot by photographer Matthew Brookes and Laird & Partners, the spring campaign captures the brand’s ethos with scenes of rugged model David Alexander Flinn exploring a rooftop and embracing the Manhattan skyline between a game of darts.

After a number of tries, Flinn nails a bulls-eye, which is a great metaphor for the New York City grind. You never know whom you will meet, where you will work, or where your journey will take you, but you should remain confident that your next shot is a bulls-eye.


Agency | Laird & Partners
Creative Director | Trey Laird
Photographer | Matthew Brookes

Model | David Alexander Flinn