By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

In June Burberry announced it was bringing fashion icon, Kate Moss, and rising star, Cara Delevingne together for the first time in an ad campaign for ‘My Burberry’ fragrance. Today the commercial, along with images from photographer’s Mario Testino shoot was released for view.

And the industry’s eyes are watching since Burberry took fragrance and beauty in-house from previous licensee, Interparfums, in 2013 becoming the first big luxury brand in over a decade to do so.  According to Burberry’s 2013/2014 annual report beauty wholesale accounted for £144 million in it’s first year of direct operation and contributed retail/wholesale profit of £10.8m. Pretty impressive for a first year as Burberry needed to build a new division, address inventory issues, and invest in the launch of a new fragrance, Brit Rhythm.  And certainly that £144m/baker’s dozen, was a nice addition to the company’s top line.

For their sophomore outing, ‘My Burberry’, Testino captured the two English roses smoldering together in classic black and white and iconic trenches. While predictable there is little doubt the campaign will be a hit, and there is nothing wrong with predictability. Plus the campaign is very aligned with the direction of the house.

For many houses beauty can run perpendicular to the direction of the main house. Yves vs. Saint Laurent anyone? And while turning a blind eye for a cash cow can work for the short term, it’s long term implications for the health of the brand are questionable especially since beauty ads are funded on an average of 3 times over that of apparel.

The Impressionist is delighted to see the house of Burberry, under newly christened CEO Christopher Bailey, have such a strong 2nd showing in their fragrance division and hopes those industry eyes keep looking. As you can see from below, we know the customers will.

my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-1my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-01amy-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-01bmy-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-02 my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-12 my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-11 my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-10 my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-09 my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-08 my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-07 my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-06 my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-5 my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-4 my-burberry-fragrance-bts-Kate-and-cara-the-impression-2014-03


Photographer | Mario Testino
Creative Director | Christopher Bailey
Models | Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne
Music |  ‘I Put a Spell on You’ performed by British musician Jeff Beck featuring Joss Stone