Tom Ford launches the ultimate show teaser with Lady Gaga.

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

In the echelons of fashion hierarchy there is but one voice that stands out as the strongest in knowing how to provoke. And that voice belongs to fashion’s master of the provocative, Tom Ford.

Of late, and this is industry wide, naughty has been succumbed by nice. Nice models, wearing nice clothes, acting nice. The Impression has been counting the hours  … the minutes … the seconds … with bottled anticipation for the return of naughty. Today a vision of hope arrived in the form of a Tom Ford teaser of a cinematic showing of his spring 2016 collection to be released tomorrow, October 2nd on

A quick survey of Tom Ford’s social media & others provides a few contextual clues of both a strong collection that will look dynamic in the form of a video as well as who the mystery dancer is. The most directional clue came from the Mr. Chic legend himself, Nile Rodgers, who hit the studios with Lady Gaga in the beginning of the year. Rodgers shared “Yeah baby! #TomFord #nilerodgers #music #lyrics #chic #fashion #surprise ??????” The backtrack was later confirmed as “Funk the Punk,” produced by the Grammy-winning musician and the combination of Gaga + Ford + Rodgers + few other creative greats (TBA shortly as it all breaks later today) = hotness.

What is equally powerful is that it took only 15 seconds of a video of a gyrating Lady Gaga (reportedly) to tease with the voracity that would even bring a smile to Bob Fosse’s face.

And to that we say welcome back to the naughty Mr. Ford.