By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Tom Ford knows how to tease. In a recent move to announce his new Lips & Boys beauty range, Tom Ford once again showed his panache for marketing with a teaser campaign that was essentially all tease.

The idea of a teaser campaign has been around for a while now with film studios perfecting it as an art form giving audiences a little taste which builds an appetite for a more robust meal. Take the recent teaser campaign for the upcoming Star Wars films, which made the rounds from CNN to BBC news this weekend. The teaser entices the taste buds of Star Wars fans and will likely be followed up by multiple teasers prior to its December 2015 launch.  With each bite the audience hunger is growing.

The team at Tom Ford took a page from Hollywood’s cookbook and on November 7th released a 10 second teaser campaign for ‘Lips & Boys’ created by Trey Laird of Laird + Partners and directed by Tom Munro. Within the teaser, model Aline Weber plays the field kissing a number of suitors while holding a lipstick case in hand for replenishment. The teaser spot ends with a closing shot of the product and a launch date, 11.28.2014, which is Black Friday. The viewers’ interest is peaked and can’t wait to taste what Tom is cooking.

A follow up 10 second ‘Lips & Boys’ teaser is launched a week later on November 14th showing yet another kissing vixen playing the field. Again the piece closes on the launch date of 11.28.2014.

Black Friday arrives, it’s 11.28.2014, and Tom Ford’s team releases the final chapter in the ‘Lips & Boys’ saga. Enticed viewers looking to dig into that full course meal flock to Tom’s site and YouTube to discover . . . a 10-second short letting them know the beauty line is available to shop now.  Just then viewers realize that Hollywood has them trained for a meal that fashion doesn’t cook. Fashion creates products not films thus the meal is the beauty range and not a 2-3 minute expanded video.

Teaser campaigns for fashion haven’t been used enough in The Impressionist opinion and could ultimately drive to not only the product but deeper brand experiences. We enjoyed Tom’s appetizers and would love to see him continue cooking.

Agency | Laird + Partners
Creative Director | Trey Laird
Art Director | Audie Umali
Director | Tom Munro
Stylist | Leila Smara
Hair | Akki Shirakawa
Makeup | Mark Carrasquillo
Casting Director | Stefanie Stein
Models | Aline WeberErika LinderSabrina IoffredaAlexander Ferrario, Aurelien Muller, Dae NaJarrod ScottNikola Jovanovic, Timothee Bertoni