TOMMY HILFIGER launches memoir about his very own American Dream


Tommy Hilfiger introduces the launch of his very own memoir, American Dreamer, which tells us about his life and career in fashion and business in all-American style, and how he became one of the world’s most celebrated fashion icons.

American Dreamer was written by Tommy Hilfiger with the help of Peter Knobler, a writer who specializes in collaborations. The cover of the book was shot by famed photographer, Richard Phibbs at the Tommy Hilfiger brand’s Fifth Avenue Flagship store in New York City and published by Ballantine Books, the world’s largest trade-book publisher.

After more than 40 years in the fashion industry, I wanted to record the memories behind my life and brand. American Dreamer is a roadmap of the moments that have defined both my career and my personal life—from my childhood in Elmira, New York, to building a global business. I’m excited to share my journey and I hope it can inspire others to pursue their dreams.

- Tommy Hilfiger

From his rough beginnings as a scrappy entrepreneur in Elmira, New York, to his many setbacks and comebacks, the first ever life story of Tommy Hilfiger really shares his most genuine, extraordinary experiences in international growth that touched us in many ways. The memoir allows us to gain insight into his continuous journey reminding us that the American Dream is still alive in many ways.

Whenever I think of Tommy Hilfiger, I think of a designer who has been able to wrap fashion in the American flag. In American Dreamer Tommy shows how he has taken the (rock) stars and the (preppy) stripes and come up with a look—and a label—that are recognized globally as being quintessentially American, as well as a brand that constantly keeps time with pop music.

- Anna Wintour

Tommy is an inspiration to many people. American Dreamer shows how he has managed to be successful in business and done so with integrity. I have come to know Tommy, and every time we talk I learn something new about creating a successful business.

- David Beckham


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