Footwear specialist Toms has gone virtual for spring, with fashion’s first virtual reality film. The piece entitled A Walk in Their Shoes, touches upon the heartstrings by following skateboarder Ryen as he ventures to see the impact of a Toms shoe purchase.

In the film, Ryen, who hails from Venice California, shares how as a skater he has taken shoes for granted explaining how many pairs he goes through in a month. His appreciation for footwear is expanded when Toms takes him out of Venice, California to Villa Lozano, Colombia to meet children who benefit from Toms program of donating a pair of shoes for every pair purchased. Watching children receive their first pair of shoes and taking to a soccer field with enthusiasm helped to evolve his perspective.

I was not expecting a pair of shoes to do that much for a kid. That was like way too much to even process. It’s kind of unexplainable, but, just that connection where I somehow gave this kid in need a pair of shoes, that for me was touching.


– Ryen

That touch is felt at home by the films perspective, done cinematically via virtual reality. The technology is meant to broaden not only the horizons of Ryen, but also the viewer who witnesses firsthand the world of those being helped by Toms philanthropic mission. Bringing the reality of the situation to life.

The Impression applauds Toms ability to show how powerful fashion can be, and how unbelievable it is that Toms has brought this to life virtually.

For Toms virtual and virtue is all too real.