Top Models Top off Topshop’s Year

By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

Topshop is ending the year in top form for the holiday season with a bevy of models for their 2015 holiday ad campaign. Following in her sister Gigi’s footsteps is Bella Hadid, along with newcomers Sophia Arens, Marga Esquivel, Malaika Firth, Imaan Hammam, Grace Hartzel, Aneta Pajak, and Ella Richards, who are starring in this campaign.

Lensed by Giampaolo Sgura, the campaign makes use of a stairwell to juxtapose the holiday looks against the hanging out setting.Almost as if one could escape with them from the loud party to catch some one-on-one time. Or in a few cases, with their crossed arms, that they took us out here for the big holiday break-up. A Topshop girl always comes out on top you know.

Photographer | Giampaolo Sgura
Models | Aneta Pajak, Bella Hadid, Ella Richards, Grace Hartzel, Imaan Hammam,  Malaika Firth, Marga Esquivel, & Sophia Arens