Tory Burch & Pictoresq’s Parisian Gang War


Tory Burch has released their “Gangs of Paris” fashion film showcasing their new line of bags with an added focus on their silk scarf accessories. The premise is simple but effective, two rival “gangs” from opposite sides of the river are clashing in a battle of pure style and aesthetics.

The two “gangs,”one from Montmarte and the other from Saint-Germain, are facing off in a war over who best dons their silk scarves on their sleek Tory Burch bags. One wears the scarf tightly over the entirety of the bag’s handle while the other lets the scarf hang loosely off the bag.

As we follow the two rival “gangs” to their final showdown the models strut through the city emanating a cool, confident charm and a fearless attitude that sets the tone of the film as one of war-ready intensity while simultaneously giving off an air of lively fun and intrigue.

The crisp, focused creative direction from Stéphanie Delpon & Paul Saint Bris, of Pictoresq, sets up Paris as a battleground, the clear blue sky and stunning architecture of the city being the perfect backdrop for a conflict of style and taste. Who wins this confrontation is ultimately left up to the viewer as represented by the final shot of a lone woman choosing to not follow either trend and instead do her own thing with her scarf.



Agency | Pictoresq
Creative Directors | Stéphanie Delpon & Paul Saint Bris