Playing Dress Up with TORY BURCH in New Holiday 2016 Fashion Film by Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert


Model Jessica Hart shows off her lip syncing and dancing moves, while Italian fashion editor, stylist and creative director Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, shows off her directing and styling skills in the new Tory Burch Holiday 2016 fashion film, entitled Tory Story. Together, the duo proves with this video, that you are never too old to play dress up or have dance parties in your bedroom.

The film, complete with a cameo by Battaglia Engelbert, starts with Hart unwrapping presents, in her New York apartment. She anticipates her warm holiday getaway by trying on her new Tory Burch Resort goodies, jumping on her bed and dancing around in them. The second half of the film features Hart and her friends on vacation. The colorful, fun vibe of the short film matches perfectly with, Kent Jones’ hit single “Don’t Mind”, lip-synced by Hart and fellow models throughout the whole video.

I have always respected Tory and her brand. The holiday looks inspired the concept for the video. There was so much variety and so much to play with—and it is so much fun dressing to go somewhere.

- Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert

Engelbert’s directing and styling talents give the Tory Burch brand a young and fun reboot in this short film. Young women can easily relate to the fun in dressing up and getting ready to go somewhere. The charisma and funky dance moves of the models, bring the featured apparel to life in this selfie inspired, music video.

Director & Stylist | Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert
Model | Jessica Hart