By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Accessories are the unsung heroes of fashion, often paying the bills while riding backseat to ready-to-wear. Periodically someone will wisely point out the need to spotlight the shoes and handbags much to the chagrin of art directors everywhere. The result is typically a model in an awkward pose or a generic product shot placed adjacent to an image of a model. Product shots are the pet peeve of The Impression as they often lack imagination and feel as they were an after thought concepted in route or on set.

For the past several seasons Valentino has found a wonderful note in their accessories campaigns to show off their leathers in unique fashion: Terry Richardson’s arm. And with the restraint of his iconic ‘thumbs up’ pose no less.


This holiday season Valentino has partnered with Milan based Moviechrome Production to embrace the psychedelic spirit of the accessories collection and released a stop-motion ode to the 70’s sans Terry’s arm.  Set to a song straight from an Ocean’s film by Steven Soderbergh, the piece is upbeat, colorfully childlike and complemented by Play Doh. The result is a campaign made from product shots that doesn’t lack imagination and is worthy of a ‘thumbs-up.’

A Moviechrome Production
Agency | Brw Filmland
Director | Virgilio Villoresi
Hands | Virgilio Villoresi
Animator | Dario Imbrogno, Virgilio Villoresi
Cinematographer | Antonio Managò
Line Producer |  Edoardo Mari
Executive Producer | Sawa Colli, Andrea Montanelli
Production Assistant | Irene De Ponti, Filippo Morini
Set Photographer | Gabriele Gregorig
Editing | Virgilio Villoresi
Post Production | Davide Cerfeda

Shot With Canon 1DC, Canon Cine Lens And Ditogear