‘Two and Eight in a State’ is Valentino’s Tribute to Rebellious Britishness


Valentino launched their Fall 2017 Men’s campaign with a fashion film titled “Two and Eight in a State.” The film is a tribute to Britishness and in particular the lively, rebellious and youthful British post-punk aesthetic. It was shot in London by up-and-coming director Kes Glazier and serves as a personal piece for the director as it both explores and cherishes the unique world of contemporary British punk counter-culture.

The film follows a small entourage of young men and their defiant yet jolly adventures. They smoke lots of cigarettes, steal milk bottles from their neighbors and flaunt their swagger while strolling the streets of London. They do all this to the rhythm of a raucous punk rock soundtrack by Bristol post-punk band Idles, which perfectly fits the grimy and unruly attitude of the film. A focal point of the film is the loving sense of camaraderie between the group of boys as they exchange hugs, wake each other up and just generally pal around. When watching the video one really feels as though they are watching a group of best friends going through a real day in their lives rather than a scripted fashion film, it feels truly genuine. The film takes an unexpected twist towards the end that we won’t spoil for you, but let’s just say the ultimate destination of the group of boys is not what you would expect.

Overall Kes Glazier and Valentino do a masterful job of creating a film that feels real and genuine, highlighting the wonderful camaraderie between best friends while maintaining the gritty, edgy aesthetic of urban London. “Two and Eight in a State” is a riotous and highly enjoyable entry in the fashion film canon and serves as a loving showcase of both the wonders of friendship and great style.


Agency | REM Ruini e Mariotti
Creative Director | Riccardo Ruini
Film Director | Kes Glozier