VALENTINO teams up with street artist SOLO for a capsule collection inspired by WONDER WOMAN


Valentino Creative Directors Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Churi have teamed up with Roman street artist SOLO to pay tribute to fashion’s favorite Amazonian, Wonder Woman. That tribute comes in the form of a capsule collection, as well as a live event from SOLO in their New York flagship starting tomorrow and running until the 22nd.

The New York event follows on the heels of SOLO, who is famous for reinterpretation of superheroes, creating individualized in-store murals in both Valentino’s Rome and Milan boutiques. We are sure the artist’s latest work will do the character’s red, white, and blue American homecoming justice. For consumers who are unable to make it to the New York store, Valentino is documenting the art installations on social media. While the artist was in Milan, Valentino broadcast live on Periscope.

The idea of celebrating the 1941 character created by William Moulton Marston is both timely in terms of the character coming to the big screen with her own feature film, as well as the societal objectives by the designers as “a tribute to all women, for their capacity of continuously balancing many things in life.” Dig a little deeper into the history of the man behind the character and one will find a story worthy of a film in its own right.

Marston was a college professor, psychologist, lawyer, feminist, a progressive-era suffrage, and the inventor of the lie detector test. Easy to see how that drove to the development of Wonder Woman’s golden lasso which made people tell the truth. He also had a wife — and a mistress, fathering children with both of them, and they all secretly lived together in Rye, N.Y.. His mistress, Olive Byrne, was a staff writer for Family Circle magazine and wrote stories on how to raise children. (Will someone PLEASE make this movie!)

The backstory to the man that developed Wonder Woman is worthy of a collection unto itself, however to sync up with the Original DC Comics super heroine, licensed by Warner Bros., the creative trio has offered a capsule collection that inspires the phrase “Oh my stars and garters.”

The superhero world of Valentino has been further expanded by a short film, in which citizens are able to take flight with the help of the super inspired sneakers and backpacks. It is a holistic program and one that The Impression appreciates for all its wonder. Now back to that film idea!