By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Life is full of transformations and fragrance marketing often parlays on our desires to transform into objects of attraction and empowerment. Director Eddie Alcazar’s experimental piece for Versace fragrances takes the idea of transformation just a tad too far in his latest project for Bright Crystal as he literally transforms the wearer into a crystallized entity. Upon watching the spot we didn’t know if we should contact the CDC while swiftly running away or to simply buy the fragrance, as resistance would be futile.

To be fair the spot isn’t being promoted on Versace’s own website and YouTube channel but rather making the rounds of the indie film circuit as a piece to represent agency Halo & Director Eddie Alcazar’s work. Alcazar was named one of the 25 up and coming faces in Hollywood by Filmmaker Magazine and has a number of commercial and film making projects in the pipeline. His eye for color, knack for editing and understanding of special affects will serve him well and he certainly has a lot to offer to fashion. Albeit perhaps more on the active sport side of the fashion coin than the aspirational feminine side.

That being said, experimental and newness is good. Halo and it’s roster of directors are brining ideas to the table which are disruptive, and with brands guidance, can certainly help all of us transform.


Agency | HELO
Director | Eddie Alcazar
Editor | Eddie Alcazar
Producers | Eddie Alcazar, Javier Lovato
Director of Photography | Danny Hiele
VFX | Ghost Town Media, Analog, Ignyte, Eddie Alcazar
Sound Design | John Black / CypherAudio
Microscope | Max Smoke
Color | Eddie Alcazar
Production Company | Helo
Executive Producers | Justin Moore-Lewy, Brendan Kiernan