BRUCE WEBER teams up with VERSACE for their fall 2016 campaign Film


For Versace’s fall 2016 fashion film the house turned to the windy city of Chicago to blow some freshness into the brand via a film by none other than Bruce Weber.

In the film entitled “Chicago is my Beat,” top models Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss are paired along side with dancers and other natives in the streets of Chicago. The narrative arch is a different one for the house with a focus on diverse families as children twirl around, model couples are holding hands, and warm hugs abound. Not typically actions one would expect from the house.

The use of black and white footage transforms into a latter- day urban Versace look. An uplifting music choice, performed by Keith Milkie, adds a synchronized harmony molding the film together.

The Impression likes the embraceability of Versace’s family- focused film. Versace is an elevated brand which is often presented as being perhaps too fashionable aloof. High fashion itself is a niche and Versace is a niche of a niche. To ground the label in real settings, well as real as bruce Weber-like settings, is an unexpected move for Donatella and company. And by doing so they have humanized the brand, giving it too a hug.

It would appear that a new wind is blowing in Versace’s direction and change is in the air.

Photographer/Director | Bruce Weber
Models | Bennett Jonas, Bertold Zahoran, Dilone , Gigi Hadid, Jacques Pougnet, Jesse Gwin, Joey Greenstein, Karlie Kloss, Marcus Watts, & Trevor Signorino
Stylists | David Bradshaw, Jacob K
Hair | Orlando Pita
Makeup | Gucci Westman
Casting Director | Piergiorgio Del Moro