Victoria’s Secret Shares their Secrets with Miniseries


Victoria’s Secret and their angels fly you into their very own series taking it behind the scenes into all the hard work that goes on before their Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It is a transparent process that brings the fans along and we think quite genius

The retailer got transparent with the opening of the series. Episodes 3-4 which just got released take us into the detailed creation of the extraordinary pieces that are made for the models. Taking about 2-3 months to work on and finish these pieces, designers discuss who they are as artists, and how they adapt their skills to make the angels’ wings. Starting from little pieces laying on the ground to big meaningful sculptures, finished products are created with the goal in mind to make the show the best and most spectacular it can be.

And one can’t forget about casting as episode 4 covers the 2015 live casting process, taking place only 10 days before the show. Submitted to casting director John Pfeiffer were 400-500 models in hopes of becoming a VS angel, whittled down to 100 in the last casting call. Tears and emotions were high as the models were shown strutting their stuff for the casting directors and explaining why they wanted to be in the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Check out an emotional Gigi Hadid auditioning and landing the job on the spot.

Production | Madoff Productions