by Kenneth Richard |The Impressionist

Periodically a campaign will come along offering a fresh perspective on a predefined notion and cause one to re-evaluate a brand. Such is the case with Vera Wang’s Fall 2014 campaign art directed by KiDS’ Pascal Dangin.

The Impressionist believed Vera Wang to be pulling a high wire act for a number of years now balancing the financial pressures of her empire of licenses with that of her artistic disposition. On one hand she needed to satisfy the demand of licensees who obviously contribute to the marketing kitty, and on the other hand she looked to present the brand as forward thinking. This is a difficult chasm to traverse especially with the demands of the Simply Vera line available ‘exclusively at Kohl’s’ as they typically like to point out.

Vera Wang pulled a page out of the Burberry and Michael Kors playbook and for the last several years having the diverse range of price points photographed under the umbrella of one look. However it always felt forced with licensees taking center stage.

This season Vera Wang partnered with Pascal Dangin, a digital retoucher extraordinaire and owner of Box Studios, who recently formed the new creative agency KiDS and has Alexander Wang and Balenciaga as clients. Pascal is clearly a visualist with a keen sense of branding, recognizing you can’t balance on the high wire in the middle of the canyon forever, and he thankfully helped Vera Wang pick a side and cross. Fortunately for us, she picked the side that delivers the best Vera Wang campaign ever. 

Photographer | Patrick Demarchelier, Model | Josephine Le Tutour