Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of 022397BLUFF The Wall Collection Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director 022397 with Photographer/director Joyce Ng.

Shrouded in mystery and an awesome avant-garde aesthetic, 022397BLUFF steps boldly onto the scene with a new campaign in celebration of their debut collection. The Spring 2021 campaign consists of a 13-minute short film and a series of photographs, both by Joyce Ng.

Identified only by the number 022397 – a Pantone code for a shade of blue – the young brand’s creative director descends from the Miao ethnic group in China, and positions traditional Miao hand-embroidery techniques as the centerpiece of his design work. This gorgeous embroidery work takes shape across unique, eclectic pieces that marry strong tailoring and avant-garde experimentation.

Featuring gorgeous cinematography and a totally unique creative spirit, Ng’s work is an exquisite combination of art film and anthropological documentary.

Set in Guizhou province, 022397’s home, and starring a full cast of non-professional talents in Guizhou, the film beautifully documents and explores some of the cultural traditions of the Miao people who live there. Woven among the references to traditional music, food, and literature are modern moments of everyday life: young people visiting the mall, going to the food market, texting, falling in love. The film takes on the feeling of a dynamic collage, a moving portrait of modern life that reveals the surreal within the real, the traditional within the contemporary.

Among this narrative, 022397’s designs feel neither like costumes, nor traditional clothing from a museum, nor “normal” luxury clothes – instead, they take on an indescribably unique character of an artwork all its own.

One segment of the film features a performance by the Di Opera, a music and dance group of Guizhou who perform a traditional dance which is said to entertain the gods and drive away evil spirits and illness. We are enthralled to see that 022397BLUFF is bringing this concept of art into the fashion realm: creating works of art that are not just meant to be worn and seen, but play an active role in creating and maintaining the cycle of human tradition, life, hope, and love.

022397BLUFF feels like a totally new voice in fashion, and after such a bold beginning, we can’t wait to see where they’ll go next.

022397BLUFF Creative Director | 022397
Written & Directed By | Joyce NG
Director of Photography | Luis Liu
Stylist | 022397
Producer & Casting Director | AirRock
production Designer | Jialiang Zhong
Video Editors | Mo Lyu & Joyce Lanxin Zhao
Colorist | Fmlik
Location | Guizhou province

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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