Seven For All Mankind Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

7 For All Mankind

Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

7 For All Mankind releases an easy breezy campaign featuring four different photographers working from their own hometowns. The resulting project is a casual and intimate series of images that transform lockdown restrictions into an opportunity for human connection.

The photographers are Ryan Duffin, who worked in New York City, Ronan McKenzie who worked in London, Vitali Gelwich, who worked in Berlin, and Justin Chung, who worked in Dallas. Each photographer captured their subjects – fellow creatives, friends of the brand, or just friends – at home or in their neighborhood. While the subjects and locations are diverse, the images possess a cohesive sense of domesticity and naturalness that can only be produced in a home setting and with an organic connection between photographer and subject.

A brief short film brings these subjects to life, and enumerates the seven values of the brand that are embodied in the imagery: conversation, expression, connection, purpose, curiosity, authenticity, and undeniable style.

Through straightforward and honest imagery, the campaign impressively manages to communicate the brand’s values of human connection.

New York City – Olivier Palazzo

New York City – Louis Levy

Dallas – Carolina Alvarez-Mathies

Dallas – Abolaji Ogundele

Seven For All Mankind Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

London –  Jess Young, Katy Young, and their mother Xuan

London – Yasmina Dexter

Berlin –  Jack Tarpey and  Anna Santangelo

Photographers | Ryan Duffin (New York City), Justin Chung (Dallas), Ronan McKenzie (London), Vitali Gelwich (Berlin)
Talent | Olivier Palazzo, Louis Levy, Carolina Alvarez-Mathies, Abolaji Ogundele, Jess Yung, Katy Young, Xuan Young, Yasmina Dexter, Jack Tarpey, Anna Santangelo