Seven For All Mankind Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

7 For All Mankind

Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of 7 For All Mankind Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign by Justin Chung and Ryan Duffin

7 For All Mankind aimed to demonstrate the brands newly communicated 7 values (Conversation, Expression, Purpose, Connection, Authenticity, Curiosity, and Undeniable Style) in its Holiday 2020 campaign. 7FAM picked models Tiffany Lighty, Nic Roldan, Tia Morrill, and Jose Nava who to them embody one or more of the companies values.

In the campaign, we see a catalog of images that all show off clothes to purchase as holiday gifts. Each photo does its job of highlighting the product, but none of the photos go beyond the superficial; the story around values isn’t projected. The brand’s press release listed the values that each model represents, but perhaps except for the family photos, a viewer would be hard-pressed to draw any value-related connections. While 7FAM may have missed the mark a bit in this campaign, it is exciting to see this brand working to present such admirable mores.

Good ideas require good execution, and here is where the smart thinking behind the campaign falls flat. Within a boardroom, the team behind the concepts feel that execution is a small part of the equation. Hence, rather than invest in outside resources like art directors, who may challenge the boardroom’s assumptions, they take the path of least residence and cut out that middleman and retain just the photographer to execute their vision. While we don’t know the inner workings specifically here, we can guess from the catalog feel of the campaign sans a flowing narrative to express the 7 brand values that no art director helped the house take it to the next level.

Today, more than ever, the means to tell a story aren’t limited. And often that cost is diminished because social channels don’t have much in the way of media cost. So brands have the opportunity to cut out the expense of media, but they still need a decent story and should repurpose those savings into teams who can make the most of little. Rather than make little of most which is the case here.

Photographers | Justin Chung and Ryan Duffin
Talent | Tiffany Lighty, Nic Roldan, Tia Morrill, and Jose Nava 
Location | Miami, Florida