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Tory Burch Teams up with Mindy Kaling and share the Joys of Giving & Re-gifting for this Holiday Season.


Re-gifting is something that many people do but keep quiet about. However, Tory Burch sheds some light on it with her jokester friend Mindy Kaling in a short film.

After worrying about not having enough time to get people gifts, a generously sized box with the Tory Burch logo on it, arrives at Mindy’s door step. After opening the box and seeing all of the gifts in there, Mindy sees something for all of the people on her list. Only then, she gets a call from Tory herself saying how all of the gifts inside are for her, and though Mindy is appreciative she still considers re-gifting everything. Everything accept the Tory Burch Foundation Seed Box, which benefits women entrepreneurs.

Inspiring a “feel-good give-back” attitude for the holiday, whether it is giving through charity, or in Mindy’s case, re-gifting, Tory Burch shares the message on how it is truly what this season is all about.