A Vibe Called Tech X Gucci

A Vibe Called Tech X Gucci Explore The Black Image In “Pioneers Of The Past”

In a project highlighting four Black artists and creators, The North Face x Gucci collection serves as an exploration of the self-image

Drawing inspiration from The North Face x Gucci collection, A Vibe Called Tech and Stance Podcast present “Pioneers of the Past,” an investigation into the intricacies of the black image as represented in art and culture historically and presently.

A Vibe Called Tech is a creative agency founded by Charlene Prempeh that investigates and nurtures Black creativity, culture, innovation, and the intersections between the three. With the help of Creative Director Lewis Gilbert, pioneers of Black history and art gather for this project produced by the Stance podcast. Stance describes the series as “pioneers of the Past is a celebration of four talents who are remapping and rethinking how the Black image is presented in fine and contemporary art.”

The project consists of Alayo Akinkugbe, founder of the Instagram account @ablackhistoryofart; Italian Ghanian visual researcher and artist Theophilus Imani; Renata Cherlise of @blackarchives.co; and Osei Bonsu, British-Ghanaian curator, critic and art historian. 

The collaboration between The North Face and Gucci – two brands with heritage, exploration and adventure in their DNA – is a great springboard for celebrating the individuals using their creative practice to spotlight Black figures from history who are often erased from storytelling. As an agency, we’re always excited to share new, diverse narratives and work with brands who show commitment to amplifying Black voices and here we’ve been able to do both.

– Charlene Prempeh, A Vibe Called Tech
A Vibe Called Tech X Gucci

The project gives a wide-reaching platform to the voices of Black creatives and curators, facilitating a celebration of the Black image, from a Black perspective. Even with the restrictions of these times, this project has been a wonderfully collaborative process in which the work of each person involved has supported that of another.

– Alayo Akinkugbe, Founder of the Instagram account @ablackhistoryofart

The North Face x Gucci collaboration celebrates self-exploration. Each portrait is reimagined by Jazz Grant, British collage artist, who has dedicated a great deal of his artistic efforts to championing the black community, and all of the images have one thing in common: they are representations of intrepid adventurers creating a more complete and accurate representation of blackness in art.

A Vibe Called Tech X Gucci

There’s still a lot to uncover through mining the past. A lot to learn about the various ways the Black experience has been documented and consumed throughout the years. Perhaps, maybe, even too much for one to explore during their lifetime. I gravitated towards all of these new ideas of what working through the past could represent and my role within it.

– Renata Cherlise, @blackarchives.co

The Stance Podcast produced an episode in which the curators and archivists share their thoughts about the process of uncovering and celebrating cultural discoveries. Each of these episodes are inspired by The North Face x Gucci collection and focus on the ways that black artists are able to repaint the black image in popular culture and fine art.

Each contributor has helped to educate and inspire countless amounts of people with their work, whilst shining a light on those often overlooked or purposefully hidden from mainstream media. Alayo, Osei, Renata and Theo each use their platforms to bring to life the stories of so many and we are thrilled they have agreed to take part.

Lewis Gilbert, Creative Director at A Vibe Called Tech