Acne Studios Drops Face Collection and Collaboration with Ceramicist Betina Jørgensen

The Swedish Brand Shares the Second Installment of Its Face Collection, Accompanied by a Unique Artist Collaboration

Acne Studios has released the second drop of its Face FW21 collection. The new entry further develops the spirit of kinship and adventurous irreverence explored in the first drop, which released in May.

The collection gets a photographic campaign treatment by photographer Roe Ethridge. The imagery stars members of French band Nyokô Bokbaë and environmentalist trio Jane, Lea, and Polyka. Slick art direction superimposes the collection’s characteristic face emoticon logo over the studio portraiture, creating a strong sense of identity and dimensionality.

The drop is also accompanied by a fun collaboration with Danish ceramics artist Betina Jørgensen (AKA Bettunika), who hand made a series of ceramic teacups. Prints and Face motifs from the season have been hand-painted on the pieces by the artist, an off-kilter and imaginative amalgam that brings out the playful nature of both the collection and Bettunika’s work.

A lot of my inspiration comes from cartoons and children’s books — the color scales, odd combinations of shapes, playful design language and pattern mixes have a joyful effect on me. I’ve always admired the Acne Studios’ aesthetic and being able to contribute to their characteristic effortless effort has also influenced my own working style.

— Betina Jørgensen, Ceramicist