Acne Studios 'Face Collection' Fall 2021 Ad Campaign Photos

Acne Studios

'Face Collection' Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Acne Studios ‘Face Collection’ Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Acne Studios Creative Director Johnny Johansson with Photographer Roe Ethridge

Acne Studios unveil their new “Face” collection for Fall 2021 with a bright and playful campaign that makes smart use of graphics. The campaign features photography and film direction by Roe Ethridge with an eclectic, talented cast.

Ethridge sets his portraits in a straightforward studio space, relying on the bright designs, colorful personalities of his cast, and strong art direction to bring out a theme of joyful kinship. The cast features members of young French indie bands Nyokô Bokbaë and Faire, environmentalists Jane, Lea, and Polyka, and artist trio Meme, Nini, and Tavi. All together, their spontaneous communal energy creates the sense of a chosen family.

The art direction creates an interesting sense of space, as well as a unified sense of character. The cast members appear in front of the printed Acne Studios logo, while the drop’s playfully deadpan emoticon logo appears in front of them. This use of graphics brings an artful sense of depth to the photographs that they wouldn’t otherwise have. This repeated use of the emoticon logo, which appears printed on some of the collection’s pieces and is referenced by the use of bright face paint, is a smart and fun way to bring a strong sense of identity to the drop.

Ethridge’s film uses this same symbol as its central visual motif. The film has the feeling of a lo-fi digital collage, with figures and images interweaving psychedelically for a playful and hypnotizing VHS-punk aesthetic.

Considering how powerful they can be, graphics are often underutilized or treated as an afterthought within fashion marketing communications. But here, Acne Studios recognizes that they have a unique power to unify the aesthetic and conceptual elements of a campaign, and the approach really drives home the campaign’s creative energy and spirit of kinship.

Acne Studios Creative Director | Johnny Johansson
Photographer | Roe Ethridge
Models | Simon, Tavi, Meme, Nini, Jane, Lea, and Polyka
Stylist | Ursina Gysi
Makeup | Stephanie Kunz
Casting Director | Jane Morineau Midland Casting
Music | ‘2y & 6m’ by Cindy