Acne Studios Launches Repurposed Fabrics Season 2

Creativity Meets Resourcefulness In Acne Studios Sophomore Sustainably-Minded Series

Acne Studios has dropped their second season of repurposed fabrications from past Acne Studios collections to create Season 2 of this sustainably-minded series. This iteration of the collection features women’s garments and is again about being resourceful, using techniques of transformation to efficiently and creatively find renewed value in existing fabrics.

This series is about finding creative ways to be more resourceful. Acne Studios was founded on design experimentation, and we want to use our creativity to take positive steps towards becoming more mindful”

– Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios

Reimagined from their previous use, fabrics have undergone cutting and splicing, visually playing with processes and prints. An oversized black denim jacket has zipped outer seams down each arm, while three different shirts are constructed from various contrasting printed materials. Straight leg jeans and an A-line mini skirt have a red leather front and black denim back.

The collection is available in select Acne Studios stores and on their website.

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