Acne Studios Launches 'Welcome to Stockholm' Capsule

Acne Studios Launches ‘Welcome to Stockholm’ Capsule

In The Midst Of Stockholm Fashion Week, Acne Studios Has Played Homage To Its Hometown Via A Special “Welcome To Stockholm” Print

Referencing everyday graffiti, rather than accomplished street art, the watercolored toned print is a nod to spontaneity and quick wit. As if daubed in wet paint on a wall, they are tongue-in-cheek depictions of a “City Rat”, “Beat Cat” and “Underground Bear”. The prints feature on a range of garments such as mesh longsleeved tops, jersey sweatshirts and t-shirts, plus accessories including oversized tote bags and scarves. The colour palette consists of putty and lilac for “City Rat”, pale blue for “Beat Cat” and chartreuse and brick red for “Underground Bear”.

Acne Studios Launches 'Welcome to Stockholm' Capsule

Photographer Anders Edström shot the “Welcome to Stockholm” capsule in Frihamnen, Stockholm and took a few questions below to explain his creative contribution to the project:

Why did you choose Frihamnen in Stockholm as the shoot location?
I walk past Frihamnen almost every day with my dog and almost every time I take some pictures, so it was the first thing I thought of for this shoot. In all the cities I’ve lived in, I’ve always been attracted to the places that were abstract, not so defined, where you can make up your own world, where you can dream. Frihamnen is a place like that.

What kind of narrative were you trying to build with the series of images?
I don’t think in terms of narrative. I usually take pictures that don’t say too much so that they can go together with the other pictures. I try to create images that work like some kind of building material.

What special significance does Stockholm have on your work and these particular images for Acne Studios?
I’m actually not particularly drawn to Stockholm. I’ve always tried to escape the reality of the places I’ve lived. Instead, I try to build the world I want to see by photographing the things I’m attracted to. Those things are not many, so I tend to return to a few places over and over again. But I love the humidity and the light in winter, and I love dirty snow and the different tones of grey, brown and black.

Are you still “doing the least complicated thing” with your photography? What does instinct bring to an image versus controlled composition?
Yes, I don’t like to make things more complicated than they have to be. When you try to control everything, it easily makes things stressful and frustrating. I often say that I’m lucky with the light — and I think I am – but actually, I think it’s more about being open to all kinds of scenarios and embracing them when they come. If you stay open to things, if you wait and look carefully, unexpected things will happen, and the light will always change. You might even feel inspired.